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This is the first website I ever built, way back in 2003. I have left the information the same as of 12.17.2010 when it was migrated to Conifer Country. It may evolve more in the future...


From 2003:

I have been thinking about this website for a few years now, and decided to take a stab at it. The site is the culmination of a multitude of backcountry trips and timeless evenings around campfires. One of my favorite things to do is explore wilderness areas, I feel these trips are some of the most vivid times of my existence. One way to share these trips is through the birds I have seen, but even that does these areas no real justice.

Listing birds is something I do occasionally, but it became an obsession while in these wilderness areas. When I am in these places, lost,  with the trees, rocks, mammals, sky, and birds, I guess I become feral for a few days and I dream of staying. They live in a place that I can only dream of living in, perhaps in my next life I will get to be a goshawk on the Kaparowitz Plateau or an Arizona Cypress in the Mazatzal.

So, I have decided on one guideline to keep the listing sacred...basically the list has to come from an uninterrupted trip into a wilderness, of greater that 4 days.This is a work in progress.

Not all lists are up yet and just a basic layout is on some of the pages, so keep checking back if you are a bird nerd! 

Conifer Country