Exploring Redwood Forests


Redwood Ecology for Kids

In this websearch, students will get up close and personal with forest flora and fauna while interacting with text to comprehend and answer questions. (grades 5-9)



Natural History of the Redwood

Follow this link for the author's treatment of the majestic redwood. Included is a PDF with rich text and range map for the species.


Teaching Resources

Use these links to develop lessons that meet the California Science Standards--help create a sense of place in your student's life centered in the redwood forest!


Natural History Links

Here explore many of the aspects of Redwood Forest Ecology--this is what the experts have to say about things. Links to other websites as well as a bibliography of printed materials are included.


Outdoor Education Centers

Included are links to outdoor classrooms that provided hands-on, experiential education near or in redwood forests.

HSU Resources
Redwood Science Project
Education and the Environment
California Environmetal Legacy Project